LiberTEES® offers a unique crowdfunding platform to raise awareness and donations for Veteran causes through the sale of custom printed tee shirts.

We invite veterans, their family members and socially conscious individuals to join us, submit their artwork to be printed on tee shirts, and sell them on their own webpage hosted on the LiberTEES® website. Your shirt can be sold to your friends and families as well as to others who may visit our site. We handle the printing, shipping, and payment portal from your customers. You, however, choose the charity to support!

For those of you that wish to learn more about the process and pricing are invited to email or to call us 866-764-9522 for further details.

We will also encourage participants to print on 100% Made in USA tee shirts.We also sell in wholesale quantities to political campaigns, schools, clubs, and corporations that want help a specific Veteran cause and also wish to “Buy American” and join us in our mission to bring the tee shirt industry back to our shores. Please contact us for minimums.

LiberTEES® is a division of CHARITEES.ORG.

We have been doing good things with tee shirts since 1998. Please visit us at and see what we do for 501C3 nonprofits.

LiberTEES® owns U.S. Patent and Trademark Office registration numbers 3694063 and 5395505 for goods and services in classes 025 and 035.PLEASE RESPECT our trademark as we will defend it.

Please contact us at for more information.