LiberTEES® FAQ’s

  1. We give you a free webpage that illustrates your tee shirt.
  2. We recommended a maximum sales price of $25.
  3. We use the services of Paypal and their related customer guarantees.
  4. Your shirt will also be shown on our master sales page that will bring extra eyeballs to your shirt and the charity you wish to support.
  5. Once we review your art and your chosen blank shirt we then give you a cost price that INCLUDES printing,fulfillment fees and first class postage to anywhere in the continental U.S.
  6. Please, only one design per campaign.
  7. The success of your campaign is based on how active you are on promoting your shirt via social media to your fans and supporters.So GET BUSY!
  8. There is no minimum requirement , no inventory obligation and you decide when to end your campaign.If at the end of the campaign there exists any remaining inventory we ask as a courtesy that if there is any remaining inventory up to a quantity of 24 shirts that you please buy them from us at a reduced cost.
  9. We ship product within approx. 7-10 days after orders are received from Paypal.
  10. We send you a copy of incoming orders and send your share of the agreed profits every 2 weeks
  11. You receive the difference between the agreed cost price and the $25 selling price.
  12. You choose the cause you wish to support and it is your responsibility to send money to the organization.

Additional questions? Email